Our Watersports

Scooba Diving

Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving in which a scuba diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) to breathe underwater.

Banana Ride

Banana Boat Rides are one the funniest Water Sports in tarkarli. An inflatable boat resembling the shape of a banana is used for Banana Boat Rides in tarkarli.

Kaya King

Kayaking is a very popular activity in tarkarli, especially among couples. Such experience will test and train your team play.


Water scooters are high-speed water sports. The scooter accommodates two people and zooms through the water surface at great speed. Usually used by the water guards it is also a popular form of sports in tarkarli.

Speed Boat

Most popular speed boat rides in tarkarli. The speed and the wind blowing against one''''s face gives a spine chilling experience.

Bumper Ride

Bumper Ride or Tubing - is a riding of a tiny rounded boats on the snow or water. This activity is very exciting for adults and for children.

Jet Ski

Jet Ski rides is one of the most popular water sports in tarkarli. If you are a person who loves the thrill of speed than Jet Ski rides are just meant for you.

Para Sailing

Parasailing, also known as par ascending is a recreational kiting activity where a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that reminds one of a parachute, known as a parasail wing. Impressions of sky gliding over the sea and the view are unforgettable.


Water Sports

Enjoy wide range of water sports like scuba diving,Para Sailing,Jet Ski,Scooter ride,Banana ride.


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Local Attraction

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